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Monotype Font Book

Type specimen book designed for the Visual Communication Design department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Visual Communication Design department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Book Design

The Monotype Font Book showcases in print a compilation of some of the best-designed digital fonts available through Monotype. The book was designed in collaboration with Associate Professor Stephen Farrell to meet the needs of both faculty and students—to serve as a pedagogical tool, particularly for faculty teaching Beginning Typography, and to help students make strategic and informed typographic decisions.

The book is organized in a parallel way with the structure of a Monotype Font Set folder in Font Explorer, and the utilitarian format and macro and micro organization allow students to view all typefaces available in the set as they design and manage the typefaces digitally. The removable pages allow students to compare typefaces, make copies of select typefaces, and learn about individual typefaces and type classifications.


The book is organized into traditional categories based on formal typographic characteristics which are diagrammed at the beginning of each section. These categories are arranged in a chronological progression roughly tracing the history of lead-to-digital type.


Included in the left column of each font page in the book, is a designation for figures (lining/non-lining), small caps, ligatures and swash characters. Students can use this left column as a quick reference without having to clutter their screens with multiple palettes.